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This AudioVisual Performance is about 18 minutes long and requires streaming or downloading a ~15 megabyte QuickTime file. A high speed connection is best for doing this.

OK, go ahead

You can also play/download the pieces as QuickTime .aif audio files, click the 'browser' version to play on your computer, cntrl-click 'iPod/CD' to download larger full quality sound file appropriate for CD or iPod (be patient, takes longer).

Frederick Chopin, Nocture, Op. 9, No. 1 5 min
(browser;cntrl iPod/CD)

Felix Mendelssohn, Lieder Ohne Worte, No. 7, Opus 30 No. 1 3 min (browser;cntrl iPod/CD)

Claude Debussy, First Arabesque (1888) 4 min
(browser;cntrl iPod/CD)

Jardins sous la pluie (1903) 4 min
(browser;cntrl iPod/ CD)

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